When microchips keep getting smaller, new technology is called for. That’s where carbon nanomaterial company Canatu steps in with its carbon nanotubes, CNT.

These days, building the future starts small. So much is created in a smaller scale, because it is now possible: we can see and operate all the way down in the nanoscale. This is relevant in the semiconductor industry, where microchips are quickly decreasing in size. Moore’s Law states that the transistor density on a wafer doubles every two years. In other words, if you ever wondered how technology keeps on getting smaller and more powerful, that’s why.

We’re right at home in the nanoscale here at Canatu. As a carbon nanomaterial company, it’s our natural dimension. We make carbon nanotubes (CNT) that suit a variety of applications – with a foundation in carbon, CNT is an extremely versatile material.

When microchips get smaller, their manufacturers need to print onto them in an ever-smaller scale. For the chips to work as they should, the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology used to print the intricate patterns needs to be super precise and reliable. Our role is to make CNT membranes that are filters, which minimise the defects on the chips.

The world’s strongest and thinnest CNT membranes

What makes this important and even cool is that microchips are all around us in the technology and devices we use every day. Carbon nanotubes are thereby also part of our daily lives, even though they are too small to be seen.

At Canatu, we are proud to be part of this progress that will make way for new technological innovation, and even lead to industry-transforming breakthroughs. CNT is tiny in scale, but its impact is massive. There’s no room for defects in these matters for our customers.

Our unique CNT membrane offers a versatile platform technology for EUV, optical filter and scientific applications. The membranes offer a distinctive and unrivalled set of properties. They can be used e.g. as EUV pellicles, debris filters, optical filters, electron blocking filters, and particle filters in EUV, X-Ray, scientific and fluid filter applications to block particles, electrons, and photons outside the desired energy range. We also sell manufacturing equipment to some customers so they can make CNT membranes themself.

Always experimenting for the next breakthrough

We at Canatu believe that true impact will be created through collaboration. To achieve that, we partner with other forerunner companies. We need others to succeed, and they need us. We are always seeking new curious minds with a passion for progress to join us and work for better tomorrows.

The great thing about working in the nanoscale with Canatu CNT is the feeling that we are doing things that have never been done before. Carbon nanotubes are already around us and in our hands through the semiconductor industry. We also work on different applications of Canatu CNT with the automotive and healthcare industries. Who knows where Canatu will be making difference in everyday life next. And you can be a part of that breakthrough. 

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