Semiconductor Industry Landscape

Semiconductor industry is not only about components or companies. It is an extremely versatile and interesting ecosystem and value chain that brings together international players, innovators, state-of-the-art technologies, design experts, and manufacturing companies as well as research and educational institutes.

Choosing Semiconductors as your career destination means choosing from a wide variety of options and opportunities – the choice is yours

The semiconductor ecosystem in Finland

Graph about semiconductor landscape in Finland
This graphics illustrates the versatile world of the semiconductor related ecosystem in Finland.
Source: Technologies Industries of Finland

Semiconductor Industry Needs You

In 2023, the semiconductor industry in Finland had about 5,000 employees but the target is to quadruple this number to 20,000 employees in 2032! With the rapidly evolving digitalization, innovations and green transition, more and more semiconductors are needed all over the world. The business will grow strongly in the next 10 years. It means that also more and more talent is needed – talent like you. 

Growing Future – Locally and Globally

The business is not growing only because the world needs more and more semiconductors. It is growing also thanks to a strong determination and collaboration of the Finnish semiconductor industry players.

We work closely together to develop Finland’s national semiconductor strategy in 2024. It will draw a more detailed roadmap on how Finland will become a global technology leader in semiconductors. With the current world situation with various threats to societies, it is necessary for us to secure that in the future, and in any crisis or circumstances, Finland has the semiconductors it needs to keep the wheels of our society turning.

We are not “going global” because we are already global: all Finnish semiconductor companies operate worldwide. But we have great ambitions to grow both globally and locally – and we welcome you to join this success story